PianoSymphonyOrchestra(3D Sound HD) 2 1.0

PianoSymphonyOrchestra(3D Sound HD) 2 1.0



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Date Added:07 September, 2014


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New (3D sound HD) music games and play 30 Piano chords simultaneously with one keyboard

Hold the latest and newest realistic 3D Sound HD app in your hand! This Piano Symphony Orchestra (3D sound HD) app is 2-in-1 Apps in 3D sound HD. This 2-in-1 App includes a 3D sound HD pocket piano, 3D sound HD games, and also includes four free 3D sound HD music and demo. All audios in Piano Symphony Orchestra (3D Sound HD) are recorded in newest audio, called "3D sound HD". The 3D sound HD pocket piano app is a newest and first piano keyboard app that you can play with the 3D sound HD, and with new piano orchestra effects. The piano orchestra effect is a computer generating sound effect of piano chords similar to a string orchestra, which simulating sound effects to an orchestra consist of pianos. You can play a piano orchestra from 30 pianos simultaneously with one keyboard.

What is 3D Sound HD
The 3D sound HD is the first new realistic 3D sound audio. You can hear bright and vivid natural 3D sound by wearing headphones or surround sound effects with only two stereo speakers. If you wear headphone to hear this new 3D sound HD audio, the audio from your headphone can produce brighter and more natural vivid 3D sounds, and similar to the sound our ears to hear sounds in spatial 3D environment. ?You can wear headphones or use two stereo loudspeakers to this play 3D sound HD app. By using headphones you can get more 3D sound effects and hear more spatial sounds, or using two stereo speakers.

This new improving 3D sound HD, not only you hear a brighter, more natural and more vivid 3D sound than any other standard 3D sound, and also you can notice the 3D sound HD you hear is much better in 3D, and similar to watching from a standard TV convert into a HDTV.

The 3D sound HD has the audio sound that greatly reduce the unnatural effect of the "in your head" sound of headphones effects problem. Unlike some 2D stereo audios and standard 3D sounds, the 3D sound HD you can hear and feel the out-of-head sound localization in headphone listening that all sounds are coming from outside of your head, and the sound image become wider and more natural spatial effects. And when listening to 3D sound HD music you get the feeling as you are inside a concert hall. If you use two stereo speakers, you can feel all sounds are coming from a virtual surround sound system in front of you.

* 2-in-1 3D sound HD apps
* Amaze your friends with newest 3D Sound HD App
* Hear realistic bright and natural vivid 3D Sound HD music
* Musics with sounds that make 3D Sound HD impressions
* Friendly operator interface
* 16bit 44.1kHz sampled rate with 3D Sound HD audio

(3D sound HD) Pocket Piano:
* Photorealistic piano keyboard
* realistic sampled concert grand piano
* Piano Orchestra effect: play 30 Pianos simultaneously with one keyboard
* play first pocket Pianos keyboard in latest and newest realistic 3D sound HD effect
* Show note names on keys.
* Smoothly move the keyboard by just sliding or pushing the left or right button.

(3D sound HD) game:
* playing first game in latest and newest realistic 3D sound HD audio
* include 5 games with 3D Sound HD sound effects
* 1 free game song of classical music in 3D Sound HD: Mozart - Alla Turca (duration:03:44)?

(3D Sound HD) music:
* Piano Orchestra effect
* Listen to music in latest and newest realistic 3D sound HD
*Four free 3D sound HD demo sounds: 3D sound HD classical music includes:ode to joy, fur elise, one 3D Sound HD demo ?

Enjoy it, and play your 3D sound HD music!

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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